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CHN Energy Builds First Wind-Solar Deep-Sea Floating Photovoltaic Power Platform in Jiangsu

CHN Energy Investment Group (CHN Energy) recently completed construction of its first wind-solar deep-sea floating photovoltaic power platform. The platform is in an ocean area in Dongtai of Yancheng city, East China’s Jiangsu province, 42 kilometers offshore.

With an installed capacity of 100 kilowatts, the newly-built deep-sea floating photovoltaic power project will complement an offshore wind farm invested by Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of CHN Energy, in a nearby area and promote the exploration of a new-type power grid system on the basis of new energy.

On April 5, the construction and supporting vessels finished their positioning in adjacent areas of the phase-4 offshore wind farm.

On April 8, the construction vessels came to the area again and started the installation of the first photovoltaic platform. Later that day, the two photovoltaic platforms finalized their positioning and interconnection.

On April 9, the photovoltaic power project finished its cable connection and testing and began to generate power.

During the entire process, research workers from CHN Energy continuously improved their design and construction plans to better protect relevant equipment from erosion and ensure their stable and secure operation in the complicated oceanic environment.

The completion of the deep-sea floating photovoltaic power platform has represented a wide range of innovative measures taken by CHN Energy to promote the exploration and utilization of wind and solar power resources in the ocean and will further advance the research and development of new energy in the deep sea.

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