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State Grid Jinchang Power Supply Company’s Efforts Building a Greener Future

A large number of egrets were recently spotted at the Jinchuan Gorge Reservoir in Jinchang, Gansu province, which is considered a positive sign for local ecology conservation efforts.

In recent years, State Grid Jinchang Power Supply Company has been investing in efforts to protect the ecology and rare species in the entire process of power grid construction and operation.

After analyzing the living habits in migratory and breeding seasons of migratory birds, the staff members increased inspections of distribution lines and rebuilt some bird nests that posed a threat to the safe operation of the lines.

Moreover, the company frequently organizes publicity activities to promote the importance of water to migratory birds. Considering the characteristics of migratory bird migration in spring and autumn, the staff members conducted on-site inspections of the surrounding environment and bird habitats.

They engaged in in-depth discussions with local governments and relevant organizations on how to ensure the maintenance and operation of current power lines and at the same time protect the living habitats of birds, to build a harmonious relationship between birds and power lines.

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