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China Develops Quadruped Robot for Smart Routing Inspection

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC) recently released the Diting S10 industrial quadruped robot.

It is expected to solve coordinated smart routing inspection of various types of robots, covering functions such as remote scene monitoring, real-time environmental monitoring, emergency event handling, and intelligent inspection analysis.

According to CASIC, Diting, the name of the quadruped robot, is derived from the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, and represents a loyal and clever creature that comprehends all things in the world.

The Diting S10 robot can move as fast as 4 meters per second, and can carry a load of over 20 kilograms. With an accuracy of abnormality recognition exceeding 99 percent, the robot can operate continuously for over 4 hours under temperatures from 55 degrees Celsius to minus 30 degrees Celsius.

It can be applied in diversified scenarios such as offshore power substations, drilling platforms, construction sites, smart factories, and emergency firefighting.

As a quadruped robot, the Diting S10 robot has outstanding performances in crossing obstacles. For example, it can move upstairs and downstairs and through complicated landforms like gravel and narrow spaces.

With features like high intelligence, reliability, and safety, the robot is capable of operating in extreme weather, and by installing different sensors, it can meet inspection needs of various industries.

The Innovation Center of Group Intelligent Perception of CASIC has been committed to research and development of core technologies of the controlling and operation systems of robots. It has installed advanced technologies such as autonomous navigation positioning adapted to dynamic environments, millimeter-level defect identification and anomaly detection, and true-color three-dimensional environment modeling, on the quadruped robot.

At present, the research and development team of the robot is undertaking improvement of the intelligence level of the Diting S10 robot.

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