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CNOOC Builds ‘Green Oil Field’ in Africa

The oil field at Lake Albert, covering an area of 1,518 square kilometers, has recently proven geological reserves exceeding six billion barrels.

Located on Uganda’s western border, Lake Albert is nestled amidst mountains. The area is home to the Kingfisher oil field, an investment by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). The oil field is a significant part of the Lake Albert region’s oil development efforts.

Lake Albert is home to wildlife such as egrets, antelopes, and Ankola longhorns. There are still eight villages around the Kingfisher oil field, with about 36,000 villagers living there.

“Since the project started, CNOOC has always adhered to the concept of ‘not disturbing the birds and animals, and not polluting any mountains or waters of the lake area’, striving to create a ‘green oil field'”, said a relevant person from CNOOC Uganda Limited.

To meet the drilling depth requirements and minimize disturbance to the nearby residents and animals, CNOOC has customized an 8,000-meter silent automated high-end oil drilling rig for Uganda. The drilling rig reduces noise from the conventional 70 decibels to below 45 decibels. To ensure that oil extraction does not pollute the lake water in the future, the rig is equipped with China’s independently developed rotary steering system, allowing the drill pipe to penetrate from land to the lakebed and extract oil diagonally.

Once the Kingfisher oil field is completed, it will achieve the goal of “zero emissions of associated gas”. The gas produced during oil extraction will be recovered and converted into liquefied petroleum gas, aiding the use of clean energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Oil extraction is expected to help Uganda reduce its dependence on oil imports and play a positive role in achieving social and economic transformation. Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has repeatedly praised the contributions of the Lake Albert region’s oil development project in building the national oil industry system and training local talent.

Residents of the Lake Albert have also benefited from the projects of Chinese companies. For instance, CNOOC has built the first cross-cliff road around the Kingfisher oil field, significantly improving the villagers’ living situation.

Uganda’s State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatization, Evelyn Anite, said that the oil field aids Uganda in achieving industrial upgrading.

“Chinese technology and experience, through initiatives and concepts such as the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative, are injecting new momentum into Uganda’s development, helping Uganda advance green and sustainable industrialization”, Anite said.

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