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Old Power Plant Paves Way for Transformation and Upgrading

On May 30, the No.75 Jianguo Road Digital Art Industrial Park, transformed from the old thermal power plant, was officially launched, marking a “new path” for the transformation and upgrading of thermal power plants.

Located at No.75 Jianguo Road in Chaoyang district, Beijing, the predecessor of the Industrial Park is the Beijing Thermal Power Plant of Guodian Power Development Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of CHN Energy Investment Group.

From its commissioning in 1958 to March 2015, Beijing Thermal Power Plant generated a cumulative 122.9 billion kWh of electricity and 607.85 million gigajoules of heat.

On March 20, 2015, Beijing Thermal Power Plant shut down its two operating units and ceased electricity generation. To utilize the existing land, Beijing Thermal Power Plant proactively redefined its development, making efforts to create a world-class, low-carbon, smart digital culture and art industrial park.

The park now hosts several leading digital technology and cultural communication companies, including China Digital Culture Group Co., Ltd, forming a digital cultural and creative consumption ecosystem that complements the CBD’s commercial landscape.

From May 20 to 26, Beijing Thermal Power Plant, together with enterprises already settled in the park, hosted a series of digital art carnival events, aiming to promote the healthy development of a nighttime culture and tourism economy to better meet the people’s growing need for a beautiful life.

In the near future, Beijing Thermal Power Plant will, with the park as a platform, strengthen capabilities in digital innovation and cultural entrepreneurship, further reinforcing the transition from a traditional energy enterprise into a digital cultural and technology industrial park.

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