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First Offshore Wind Power Project’s Power Generation Exceeds 5b kWh

The Rudong offshore wind power flexible direct current (DC) transmission project has cumulatively produced clean electricity exceeding 5 billion kilowatt-hours, equivalent to reducing the consumption of standard coal by approximately 1.5 million tons and carbon dioxide emissions by around 3.75 million tons.

The project is Asia’s first offshore wind power project using flexible DC transmission technology, which is currently the most advanced transmission technology in the world.

The technology is particularly suitable for long-distance cross-sea cable transmission, renewable energy grid connection, distributed generation grid connection, island power supply, and asynchronous AC grid interconnection, among other areas.

Additionally, it can convert offshore power into lower-loss direct current, offering better economic advantages compared to traditional transmission methods.

The Rudong project has constructed Asia’s first offshore converter station, with a total weight of 22,000 tons. It adopts the ±400-kilovolt DC submarine cable with a length of 99 kilometers, making it the longest flexible DC transmission cable in China.

The technology will boost the large-scale development of the offshore wind power industry.

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