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Huaneng Shidaowan HTGR Demonstration Project Starts Heating

The Huaneng Shidaowan high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) nuclear power plant started heating on March 27, the first time for the fourth-generation nuclear power plant. It marked a breakthrough in comprehensive utilization of fourth-generation nuclear power.

The project uses the high-temperature steam produced by the HTGR system to heat the water in the heat exchanger to a high-temperature. The water then flows to the municipal and power plant thermal energy exchange station for secondary heat exchange, and then provides hot water for use by residents.

The project guarantees and improves livelihoods while contributing to the city’s low-carbon urban development.

The heating section of the HTGR demonstration project started nuclear power-based heating within the plant in November 2022. It completed heating pipeline upgrading on March 22, and is now ready for full operation.

The project is expected to add 190,000 square meters of heating in affected areas, meeting clean energy-based heating demands of 1,850 households. The output of each heating season will equal that produced by burning 3,700 metric tons of standard coal and a reduction of 6,700 tons of carbon dioxide.

The HTGR has outstanding performances in security, high outlet temperature, environmental protection, and modular design, making it applicable for a wide range of fields like cogeneration, heavy oil recovery, high-temperature hydrogen production, and chemical and metallurgical industries.

China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., developer and operator of the project, is now in full swing in construction of the HTGR demonstration project, carrying out key technology research and development of core equipment and exploring the comprehensive utilization of the HTGR facility, intending to contribute to high-quality development of the nuclear energy industry.

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