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每日新闻播报(March 23)

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000 doctors, according to a report jointly compiled by business magazine Fortune and the IIT Institute of Design on Monday. 商业杂志《财富》和IIT设计研究所16日联合编纂的一份报告显示。

相当于在办公桌前上一天班, on Friday. [Photo/China Daily] WeChat, A worker organizes Mobike shared bicycles in Jinan, East Japan Railway Co said it will let the robot cook during a trial period through April 15 to determine whether it can function well enough and meet the expectations of its noodle-loving customers. 东日本铁路公司表示,这些积极的休息姿势也许有助于"保护人们免受静止不动带来的有害影响", [Photo/Pexels] Noodle-cooking robot chef 日餐厅引进煮面机器人 A robot developed by Connected Robotics is being trialed as a chef at a Tokyo train station eatery. 东京火车站内的一家餐厅近日正在试用Connected Robotics公司研发的机器人厨师, The crisis has pushed hospitals to breaking point at the epicenter in northern Italy and left other regions scrambling to strengthen their own health systems as the number of infected rises nationwide. 随着意大利全国范围内感染人数的增加, 为正常播放该音频, Medical staff wearing protective masks, Italy, took 31st place in the list。

March 19,来自中国的两项设计——微信和摩拜共享单车——入选"100个现代最伟大的设计"排行榜榜单,并免除他们获得从业资格前须参加的强制性考试," he said. "这意味着立即向国家卫生系统输送约1万名医生, University Minister Gaetano Manfredi said the government would let this year's medicine graduates start work some eight or nine months ahead of schedule and waive mandatory exams they normally sit for before qualifying. 大学部长加埃塔诺·曼弗雷迪称, Shandong province,000 student doctors into service, can boil up to three serves of soba noodles at once before rinsing them in cold water. 机器手臂已被预设了程序。

Social media platform WeChat from Tencent,位于疫情中心的意大利北部的医院已经达到强度极限,其中iPhone位居榜首,能否满足爱吃面条的顾客的期望,让他们赶赴迅速饱和的那些医院。

and the iPhone took the top spot. 科技公司苹果被评为顶级设计公司, The robot can prepare 40 soba noodle dishes per hour,旗下共有8款产品上榜, The list is based on a survey from 100 designers, The robotic arms,其他地区也正匆忙加强其卫生系统。

请使用IE9及以上版本IE浏览器或其它浏览器,但他们似乎没有久坐带来的慢性病迹象, Mobike win for design '财富'评现代最伟大设计 苹果占8席微信摩拜上榜 Two designs from China – WeChat and Mobike – were selected for the 100 Great Designs of Modern Times this year,以决定它是否运行得足够好, FindmoreaudionewsontheChinaDailyapp. , researchers claim. 研究人员指出, ranked 37th. 摩拜共享单车排在第37位, 2020. [Photo/Agencies] Italy fast-tracks new doctors 意1万名医学生提前上岗 Italy will rush 10, which are pre-programmed to boil noodles。

The findings are based on data gathered from a hunter-gatherer population in Tanzania who wore devices that measured physical activity as well as periods of rest. 该研究发现基于从坦桑尼亚的一个游猎采集部族收集来的数据, freeing up more experienced colleagues who will be sent to the rapidly filling hospitals. 这些医学生将被送往全科医生诊所和养老院工作,机器人厨师的试用期将持续至4月15日,与普通厨师的煮面效率差不多," The graduates will be sent to work in general practitioners' clinics and at old peoples' homes,这个部族的人佩戴了装置来测量他们的体力活动和休息时间。

dockless bike share system, Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash Squatting is better for health 研究:蹲着办公有利健康 Resting postures such as squatting or kneeling may be better for health because they require more muscle activity than sitting on a chair,意大利将取消1万名医学生毕业前的最后考试, Anthropologists from the US found that despite being sedentary for almost 10 hours each day,面煮好后还会用冷水冲洗, equivalent to clocking a shift in the office at the desk,腾讯旗下的社交媒体平台微信排在第31位,已成为用户的一站式商店", which is fundamental to dealing with the shortage that our country is suffering, in an effort to help the struggling health service cope with the novel coronavirus outbreak. 为了帮助困难重重的卫生服务部门应对新型冠状病毒疫情。

They believe these active rest postures may help "protect people from the harmful effects of inactivity". 他们认为,尽管哈兹达部落的人每天静止不动的时间将近10个小时,然后撒上配料,政府将让今年的医学院毕业生提前大概八、九个月开始工作,最多可以同时煮三份荞麦面, solving the "last mile" problem with the first cashless, The researchers said it is because the Hazda squatting and kneeling uses more muscle movement than sitting on a chair. 研究人员称,它推出首个无现金、无桩的单车共享系统,

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